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The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for guiding, monitoring, controlling and enforcing the resolutions passed and objectives established by the Board of Directors. The purpose of the Capital and Risk Management Committee is to assist the Executive Board in its duties related to the adoption of strategies, policies and measures focused on risk management.

It is composed of internal members who understand, in an integrated and comprehensive manner, the risks that may impact the institution. The purpose of the Ethics and Compliance Committee is to help the Executive Board perform its duties related to the adoption of strategies, policies and measures focused on:.

In order to provide an appropriate environment for identification and assessment of risks, BANESE applies an Operational Risk Management Policy that is approved and reviewed at least on a yearly basis by the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. This policy clearly defines the roles and duties of the employees and units regarding operational risk management. Reports containing the risks identified and the relevant mitigation plans, where applicable, are regularly submitted to the Board of Directors.

The Policy defines the responsibilities of all units involved.

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In order to protect the Institution from involvement in direct or indirect financial transactions intended to transform funds from illegal sources into legal funds that are introduced in the financial market, the Bank has a published Anti-Money Laundering Policy AMLP. The Anti-corruption Policy, Know-Your-Customer Principles, and Know-Your-Employee Principles, which are intended to guarantee ethics and safety to our business, are also available in our intranet system.

It includes the risk from operations that are subject to variation in exchange rates, interest rates, and share and commodities prices. All roles and responsibilities relating to the market risk management structure are clearly defined in this Policy. In order to guarantee the efficacy of Liquidity Risk management, the process includes procedures to identify the events that may interfere in liquidity funding, investments, administrative and investment expenses , cash flow generation, analysis of scenarios internal and external indicators , preparation of the Contingency Plan, and liquidity reserves in extreme situations, as well as the establishment of minimum liquidity levels.

The units participating in the credit process are responsible for strictly following these guidelines, regardless of the scope of their activities or responsibility levels. Transactions subject to credit risk are classified in categories based on economic and financial conditions, updated registration data, and use of instruments to reduce credit risks associated to the transaction. The Banese Conglomerate uses a statistical, probabilistic and predictive risk classification system to rate individual clients, who are grouped into homogeneous classes of risk, each of which is assigned a risk score.

For corporate clients, we use a parametric risk classification system. The processes adopted for classification, analysis, validation of systems, models and internal procedures and used for managing corporate risk are continuously monitored and periodically reviewed, aiming at improving the quality and timing of information, and resolving the problems identified. In accordance with the roles and responsibilities of the Capital and Risk management structure, the Strategic Management and Controllership Office — DIGEC is responsible for managing the policy and reporting the decisions made by the Executive Board to the Central Bank.

The Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy is approved and reviewed at least on a yearly basis by the Executive Board and the Board of Directors.

Bank Management Principles

Social and Environmental Risk is defined as the possibility of losses occurring as a result of social and environmental damages. Banese Conglomerate seeks to anticipate the management of social and environmental risks by analyzing different risks that may intensify social and environmental risks, such as the credit risk, reputational risk, operational risk etc. The Business Continuity Management comprises procedures for the recovery of critical activities in case of interruption in different levels and includes the following plans:.

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