Manual Project Management Framework

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The Global Project Management Framework

To maximize the success of projects throughout the organization, Reclamation is committed to implementing effective project management at all levels and for all types of project work, including construction projects, Information Technology IT projects, and other projects. In certain cases, project management processes are already mandated by DOI or higher level governmental policy. This document does not supersede any of the mandated processes; rather, it provides guidance for, and specifically focuses on, providing scalable requirements for situations in which Reclamation retains discretion on the level and type of project management requirements.

The principles laid out in this PM Framework can be used for almost any kind of activity, including environmental efforts, water contracting or marketing actions, planning studies, or even short-term assignments dealing with specific resource management issues. Share Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest.

What is a Project Management Framework?

Project Management Framework. In the end, whether something is a methodology or a framework doesn't really matter. What matters is how far you take the concept and whether it works for your particular project. If you take a method and create a system around it, you've created your own methodology. In that case, congratulations! Now you can promote it, teach it, issue certifications for it, and make a nice living as a project management consultant. If you take them off the shelf and force them upon the business, it will end badly.

The main problem with methodologies happen when companies jump on board because something is a hot topic at the moment.

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For example, the reason a lot of people think Scrum sucks is because a lot of companies jump into it head first, buy a ton of "Scrum products" and force everybody to change their terminology. Then things get broken, while the company keeps bragging how they are a Scrum shop. Instead, it's about slowly changing company culture and the way you think and work.

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Project Management Framework

What's Inside Introduction to Project Management What is project management Project manager roles and responsibilities Project management life cycle Introduction to methodologies and frameworks How to choose the right project management methodology. The roots of modern project management People began formally managing projects in the s. Why there are so many project management methodologies Just because some methodology worked on one project doesn't mean it will work on another. Each methodology and framework comes with its unique set of strengths and weaknesses: some are great for enterprises, while others for small autonomous teams some are optimized for projects with a lot of variables and uncertainty some are for projects where requirements change frequently some are for developing a product while others for providing a service some focus on controlling costs and some focus on controlling time some are for software developers while others for other departments eg.

Here is the main difference between a methodology and a framework at least in theory : A framework provides structure and direction on a preferred way to do something, without being too detailed or rigid. How to use project management methodologies and frameworks In the end, whether something is a methodology or a framework doesn't really matter.

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