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Idries Shah. ISF Publishing , 1 nov. Only inches from hitting them, the group see that its fall was halted by Guts, who supports its weight by himself. The power of the Berserker Armor allows him to shift the mast and let it fall harmlessly to the group's side. Guts suddenly does something he's never done while possessed by the armor - he speaks.

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He turns to the group to deliver a deadpan joke, and they see that the wolf's head helmet, while still on Guts' head, is no longer encasing it, instead acting like a regular helmet - Guts is using the armor's full strength without succumbing to the Beast of Darkness. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Synopsis Edit Daiba invites Guts to attack first. Document Id: de6dc5ad5-ea91aa0ade Recently Approved.

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